ConNetica was established in 2007

Mission - Strengthen well being, improve mental health and reduce suicide

Vision - create better futures for all

Our  name "ConNetica" symbolises our approach we connect with people from diverse  networks to solve complex problems.

ConNetica's Reputation

ConNetica is recognised and awarded in Australia and internationally for our thought leadership in mental health and suicide prevention, comprehensive approach to service mapping, collaboration and integration, stakeholder engagement, suicide prevention training programs, advocacy and research.

ConNetica's Contribution

We are an Australian social enterprise motivated to create better futures for all. We have completed over 300 mental health and suicide prevention projects in Australia and overseas. To achieve our vision, we undertake significant pro bono work in the areas of mental health research, advocacy, development of free Apps (Conversations for life Lite) and access to affordable,  national forums such as Shifting the Dial on Suicide Prevention. 

Partners, Alliances & Memberships