ConNetica Training Programs

ConNetica’s wellbeing, mental health and suicide prevention training programs have been delivered nationally to over 3000 people working in councils, pharmacies, schools, universities, apprenticeships, real estate, construction and local council, state and commonwealth public service. Each program is modified to suit the specific audience group.

Our programs, developed by expert mental health and suicide prevention Adjunct Professor John Mendoza, suicide academic Dr. Martin Harris and Indigenous education specialist Professor Chris Sarra, are grounded in population health, health promotion, suicide prevention, Indigenous education, adult learning and change management theory. The programs are independently evaluated by the ANU.

Programs are based on credible national and international research and best practice. Analysis of pre and post evaluations for Conversation for life, a very early suicide prevention program, has shown a 55% increase in knowledge about suicide and its impact, 39% increase in skills to have a conversation with someone becoming vulnerable and 14% increase in willingness to have these conversations. Overall satisfaction with the program is 90%. Based on qualitative data, one CEO reported that this program saved lives and other participants have shared that they have successfully applied the strategies at home and in the work place.

Stronger Smarter Yarns for life, a suicide prevention program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders was developed in collaboration with Professor Chris Sarra. Results show that the programs are well received and demonstrate significant improvement in participants’ knowledge, skills and willingness to have conversations with people who are becoming vulnerable.

Grass root programs such as these are effective and sustainable. Our programs aim to stimulate people to do something to improve their mental health and overall self-care, and motivate them to help others and their community to have conversations and reduce stigma associated with mental illness.

ConNetica's existing suite of training programs include:

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