ConNetica's current projects include



Project Synergy Trials - To Be Conducted Across Australia

Synergy is a unique system that will create a technological solution with interoperability that allows people choice about how their health data is captured and how it might be stored across multiple services. Access can be provided at any time, in any internet-connected location, reducing disparities in health care that currently exist due to geography, socio-economic status, or literacy. Working with local communities, services will be tailored according to an individual’s needs. Duplication is minimised, costs are reduced, and choice is maximised depending on readiness to seek help. 


The Integrated Atlas of Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs, and Homelessness

ConNetica is currently mapping mental health and AOD services across the state of Western Australia. Our team is also completing the mapping of mental health AOD and homeless services for the South East Melbourne PHN.  Mapping of Brisbane North PHN mental health services was completed in 2015. Mental health atlases serve as powerful planning tools for primary health networks to better serve their community's mental health service needs.


Hospital Transition Pathways

ConNetica is currently evaluating several hospitals across the country, identifying opportunities to improve the patient experience in transitioning into and out of hospital settings. Of interest are the mechanisms in place to support an individual with a mental illness when they transition out of the hospital system.


Chats for life Mobile App

Developed with young people, the Chats for life mobile application is based on ConNetica's Conversations for life suicide prevention app. The Chats for life app helps young people have a conversation with someone they are concerned about. The project is funded by the Queensland Mental Health Commission, along with collaborative support from the University of Sunshine Coast.