Strengthened for Life – suicide crisis intervention training. First Independent Evaluation Report

ConNetica Consulting, in collaboration with OzHelp Foundation and Dr Martin Harris from University of Tasmania developed and commenced delivery of the training program Strengthened for life in 2016. Strengthened for life® is a one-day suicide prevention training program that aims to increase participants' skills, knowledge and willingness to engage with and support individuals who are at imminent risk of suicide.

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Stronger Smarter Yarns for life – early suicide prevention training for Indigenous and non-indigenous people. Independent Evaluation Report from ANU

ConNetica Consulting in collaboration with the OzHelp Foundation and Strong Smart Solutions developed and commenced delivery of the training program Stronger Smarter Yarns for Life in 2016. Stronger Smarter Yarns for Life is a very early suicide prevention program that was developed with and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and non-indigenous people.

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Conversations for life® - Latest Evaluation Report.

Since 2013, ConNetica and its partners have delivered this innovative program in communities and organisations across Australia to over 6,000 individuals. Evaluation has been in-built to every course delivered from the very earliest trails to programs delivered this month.

It pleases us immensely that the evaluation reported “outstanding results” in terms of improved knowledge, improved skills and most importantly improved willingness to have conversations with others who may be experiencing high levels of stress, who are not coping and may be becoming vulnerable to suicidal thinking or behavior.

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Testimonial “ Conversations for Life” early suicide prevention training program

The program is powerful in giving confidence on “how to have conversations for life” preparing us for situations where we are dealing with vulnerable people who are at risk of suicide (and ideally before the crisis arises). 

So incredibly clever, yet simple and memorable, this most down to earth evidence-based program teaches humanity and the power of hope, and compassion in an creative and innovative approach.

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ConNetica’s Australian Suicide Prevention Programs – We're on the Panel

ConNetica’s suicide prevention programs have been selected for inclusion in the Central Queensland, Wide Bay and Sunshine Coast PHNs Suicide Prevention Training Panel. Our bid includes our partnership with Stepping Black and Leading with Strength. Programs are succinct, engaging, evidence based and demonstrate statistically significant evaluation results.

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