Conversations for life - feedback from Sunshine Coast Council

We are thrilled that for the first time ever we received 100% satisfaction for course materials, learnings, relevancy, presentation and overall satisfaction.

The increase in knowledge was from a weighted average of 39% pre-course to 75% post-course which was an amazing 92% improvement.

As usual the participants’ willingness to have a conversation was high at the start of the course being 78%, this increased to 84% post-course.

There was a significant increase in the perceived skill levels, these went from 53% at the start of the course to 82% at its conclusion, an increase of 54%

We also received these lovely comments on the participant post-course forms:

Excellent facilitators – encouraging and supportive.
Practical and easy to use tools.
Felt comfortable to share in the group.
Excellent content, smaller groups encourage conversations.