ConNetica Celebrates 10 Years

This month we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the incorporation of ConNetica. 

Since 2007, ConNetica has now grown to have a unique national and international presence, delivering mental health and suicide prevention advice, evaluations and solutions.

ConNetica has completed over 150 projects in areas ranging from suicide prevention and resilience training, community transport, disability enterprises, unemployment, strategic management, Indigenous health and wellbeing, hospital transitions, and socio demographic/service mapping to mention just a few.

ConNetica has attracted highly qualified and experienced staff members, developed the skills to apply internationally recognised systems of codification and analysis, saved lives through suicide prevention programs, undertaken complex evaluations that have informed decision makers and built important collaborations and associations. 

ConNetica would like to thank our partners, collaborators, clients, friends and families for their continued and valuable support over the years.

ConNetica’s vision, to Create Better Futures, still remains the cornerstone of the business to this day.