Building Local Capability in Central Queensland to Reduce Suicide

ConNetica is delighted to be working in collaboration with Strong Smart Solutions and Red Cross to deliver 2 suicide prevention training programs – Conversations for life and Stronger Smarter Yarns for Life in Central Queensland. 

ConNetica has a firm commitment to ensuring local communities develop their capacity to deliver suicide prevention training programs and broader community focused initiatives. Marion Wands, Director ConNetica shared “We did not want to simply fly in and deliver our training and fly out - we wanted to leave a lasting legacy”. 

Thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of Lesley Guy, Red Cross – she and ConNetica’s team and Strong Smart Solutions, we were able to use funding provided by Qld Health to train local Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to deliver 2 train the trainer programs. In addition, the newly accredited trainers are being provided with mentoring support from expert facilitator, Toby Adams (Strong Smart Solutions) and licenses to deliver training to 40 participants. 
Thanks also to Qld Mental Health Commission for the initial funding grant to develop the Participant Stronger Smarter Yarns for life training program, developed by Professor Chris Sarra and Marion Wands.

Recent Central Qld participants reported that:  

These programs have the capability of proactively changing our community response to suicide prevention and Mental Health Challenges.
These programs provide everyone with the tools, skills and knowledge to be READY, WILLING and ABLE to have conversations with people when they show the early signs of distress.”

All participants are now accredited to deliver these 2 programs in Central Queensland. 

Our training programs include details on the latest Australian mental health and suicide statistics, discussion about the social determinants impacting people’s well-being, unique factors impacting Indigenous people’s wellbeing, communication strategies, conversation and yarn planning tools, practice sessions and relevant referral services. 

ConNetica’s training programs offer a fresh, Australian and innovative approach to suicide prevention and wellbeing training programs. Our programs have been developed by leading mental health and education experts, including Adjunct Professor John Mendoza (Previous CEO Mental Health Council of Australia and Inaugural Chair National Mental Health Commission), Dr. Martin Harris and Professor Chris Sarra (2016 NAIDOC Person of the Year). All programs are grounded in population health, health promotion, suicide prevention, social marketing, change management and adult learning. 

Our training has been accredited by the Pharmacy Guild, Mental Health Nurses, Social Workers, NSW and ACT Education Departments and we have commenced the accreditation process with GPs. We are also pleased to share that Qld Alliance is a strong supporter of our programs.

If you would like more information about our suite of training programs that can be tailored to the unique needs of your organization or community group, please contact Marion Wands or Rick Jensen on 07 5491 5456 or email 

Our team would be delighted to support you to implement training and other initiatives to reduce suicide in Australia.