Good Mental Health - Good Business Sense

Did you know that 1 in 5 Australians have a mental illness, that 1 in 5 workers take sick leave due to a mental illness and that 78% of full time employees do not seek any treatment for a mental illness? Every year in Australia, we lose over 6 million working days due to mental illness related sick leave, with the total cost to Australia for depression alone being $12.6 billion.

While these figures are daunting, they provide the incentive to improve mental health in Australian workplaces and communities.  There is much we can do in our organisations to promote mentally healthy workplaces and communities. It’s important to remember that many people who have a mental illness can be productive and achieve greatness.

Effective workplace mental health strategies are multifaceted and integrated. Strategies include creating open and trusting work cultures that support diversity and encourage inclusiveness; fostering loyalty between workers to facilitate mutual support during difficult times; clearly defined roles and responsibilities, appropriate levels of autonomy, regular feedback on performance and recognition, early identification of the signs of mental illness, the skills to have mental health related conversations and knowing how to best support people who are becoming vulnerable. 

ConNetica’s fresh, innovative and unique approach to training programs moves the dial from a focus on crisis intervention to proactive, early suicide prevention and resilience. Our programs, including Conversations for life (early suicide prevention), Stronger Smarter Yarns for life (early suicide indigenous program), Strengthened for life (imminent risk of suicide) and Resilience Under Pressure are evidence based and developed by Australia’s leading mental health and education experts including Adjunct Professor John Mendoza, Dr. Martin Harris and Professor Chris Sarra (2016 NAIDOC Person of the Year). Similarly, our mentally healthy diagnostic tools enable organisations to adopt strategies that promote and sustain good mental health and wellbeing.

For more information about our training that result in participants being more WILLING, READY and ABLE to support people who are becoming vulnerable or at imminent risk of suicide, or to strengthen their own resilience, please contact ConNetica’s National Training Manager, Rick Jensen.  His enthusiasm and commitment to mental health is immense and he would be delighted to discuss how the team can support you to create and sustain mentally healthy workplaces and improve your bottom line.

For further information please contact Rick Jensen, National Training Manager ConNetica at or Marion Wands, CEO ConNetica at