Chats for life App - practical conversation tips

Worried about someone and not sure what to say. Here's a simple, easy to use App with loads of simple tips. 

Young people can be embarrassed to talk about their mental health and wellbeing.

Over half of young people aged 12-25 years who experienced a mental health problem in the past 12 months said they would be embarrassed to discuss the problem with anyone, and that they would be afraid of what others thought. [1]

Chats for life aims to provide young people with the conversation skills, strategies and confidence to have an early conversation with someone, helping them to manage the inevitable ups and downs of everyday life.

So when someone says “I’m NOT OK”, young people will know what to say and how to support the person to identify and implement solutions to the problems that they are experiencing.  

 “Chats for life” has been developed by ConNetica and the University of the Sunshine Coast with funding from the Queensland Mental Health Commission. This App has been developed for and with young people.

Please click on the video below for an introduction to the App, and the links to the relevant stores to download to your device.

[1] Research in 2015 lead by Professor Debra Rickwood, funded by an NHMRC Partnership Grant to the Centre for Youth Mental Health at the University of Melbourne and Orygen, and in partnership with headspace

For terms and conditions regarding the use of Chats for life, please click here.