New Approaches to Suicide Prevention Training

ConNetica is a social enterprise that is committed to improving mental health and reducing the incidence of suicide. ConNetica’s breadth of consulting experience in strategic and system wide mental health initiatives at national, state and local levels, lived experience and educational expertise has resulted in the design and delivery of highly relevant, engaging and practical suicide prevention training programs. 

Our programs include a strong focus on EARLY SUICIDE PREVENTION. As highlighted in the following testimonial, Conversations for life®and Stronger Smarter Yarns for life move the dial from costly suicide crisis intervention to early suicide prevention.

Testimonial “I’ve been to many suicide prevention training programs as a requirement for my work with vulnerable people, in particular Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. The training has always focused on the pointy end of suicide, the crisis point".

Having been exposed to numerous suicides which have included deaths and attempts I had become sceptical of training, not saying it no longer has a place but rather there had to be something else that was more relevant and preventative. When I was asked by our HR department if I would be interested I looked through the flyer and what trigged my attention was about conversations and prevention.

This is a common-sense approach to suicide prevention, it takes it back to grass roots levels, before the state of the person escalates into a crisis. A common-sense approach that provides practical tools and skills to have a conversation that could be potentially awkward – but now has the potential to assist the person who is distressed to reach a positive and healthy outcome. 

The Conversations for Life and Stronger Smarter Yarns for Life programs inspire me as a healthcare professional to not only provide training and to throw the net out, but to apply these strategies in my everyday work and private life. Marion and Toby are AWESOME, warm, friendly, inclusive trainers. Well done!” Cathy Lee, (Youth Empowered towards Independence), FNA areas Bamaga, Weipa and Cooktown