Testimonial “ Conversations for Life” early suicide prevention training program

It is with great pride that we share this testimonial from Ingrid Ozols, Lived Experience, mental health, suicide attempt survivor advocate and Founding and Managing Director Mental Health At Work (mh@work®) . Ingrid has and continues to make outstanding contributions to mental health and suicide prevention in Australia and across the globe.

I was a privileged participant of ConNetica Consulting’s “Conversations for Life” training program delivered by the most gifted compassionate and experienced facilitator Marion Wands. 

Marion, a capturing perceptive presenter, held me captivated for the duration of this first class outstanding early suicide prevention program. With a personable highly informed and knowledgeable approach, she was able to engage me on a most uncomfortable subject in a safe, sensitive and trusting atmosphere that encouraged participants to share challenging and often painful life experiences. With a calming compassionate ability to interweave theory with participant stories including her own life experiences seamlessly, Marion enriches the adult learning experience masterfully.

EARLY Suicide Prevention Program - 4 hours

EARLY Suicide Prevention Program - 4 hours

The program is powerful giving confidence on “how to have conversations for life” preparing us for situations where we are dealing with vulnerable people who are at risk of suicide (and ideally before the crisis arises). 

So incredibly clever, yet simple and memorable, this most down to earth evidence-based program teaches humanity and the power of hope, and compassion in an creative and innovative approach.

For anyone wishing to learn critical life – skills that replaces fear and reluctance to reachout to willingness and ability to engage and talk to someone vulnerable, this will make a massive difference to change one’s life as well as another life – in the space of 4 hours!

 “Conversations for Life” is a “gift that keeps on giving”. The learnings are confidence boosters that we can all reach out and help in small ways with life affirming strengths based language and communication skills. 

I can’t recommend this program highly or loudly enough. Marion is an exceptional natural presenter and facilitator. The program and how it is facilitated has and will change countless lives, how society views and manages those of us who hit our most fragile moments and darkest hours. Teaching that connecting and embracing us rather than isolating or leaving us when we spiral into an undescribable whirlpool of pain, is life – saving will benefit individuals, families, communities and societies for generations to come – giving us all brighter connected future/ . 

I love this exceptionally crafted tough subject program and Marion!

 Thank you