ConNetica's Suite of Training Programs

Our team’s vast experience in strategic and system wide mental health initiatives, recognised academic research and reports, executive leadership of Australian Mental Health organisations, lived experience and educational expertise has enabled us to design and deliver highly relevant, engaging and practical suicide prevention training programs.

We know time is precious. All all our programs are succinct and require less than half the time of other similar programs. 

Independent evaluations by the Australian National University demonstrate that people leave our programs READY, WILLING AND ABLE to support and have conversations/yarns with people who are vulnerable and or support referrals to suitable services.

Why Choose ConNetica’s Training Programs

Here’s TEN reasons why to consider and choose ConNetica’s Suicide Prevention programs. Our programs:

  1. are developed by leading mental health, suicide prevention and education experts. Including Adjunct Prof. John Mendoza (Inaugural Chair National Advisory Council on Mental Health), Dr Martin Harris (Suicidologist) and Prof. Chris Sarra (2016 NAIDOC Person of the Year)

  2. are Australian, relevant, succinct and practical

  3. have been developed in collaboration with Oz Help, ANU, Hope for Life – Salvation Army and Strong Smart Solutions and piloted with a cross section of audiences prior to final release

  4. include input from people with a lived experience and a cross section of cultural background

  5. are grounded in significant evidence and theoretical frameworks including mental health promotion, population health, suicidology, adult learning, change management and social marketing and communication

  6. can be delivered direct to participants or as Train the Trainer Programs

  7. can be tailored to the unique context of each audience and community

  8. include high quality resources to reinforce learning and prompt conversations with others

  9. are complimented by ConNetica’s free Apps – Conversations for life and Chats for life

  10. Include pre and post evaluations, and evaluations demonstrate statistically significant improvements (

Our Programs include:

Myndgear - introduction to mental health and suicide prevention ((2.5 hours)

Conversations for life®– Early Suicide Prevention (half day)  

Stronger Smarter Yarns for life– Early Suicide Prevention (one day – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and main stream population groups)

Strengthened for life® - Imminent Risk of Suicide (one day)

Strong Communities for life® - Community wide suicide prevention and resilience buiding

Resilience for life®– Personal protective behaviours (half and one day programs)