Program Review and Evaluation

Comprehensive review and evaluation of services, sectors, organisations, systems and processes to inform evidence based and context relevant practice.

ConNetica's Program Review and Evaluation services improve an organisation's capability and capacity to deliver quality and cost effective client services.

We use our proven credentials as executive leaders and contemporary thought leaders in program design and service frameworks to analyse specific program, organisation and sector wide initiatives to identify existing strengths, areas for improvement and risk. Our approach results in recommendations that boost productivity, staff and client satisfaction, organisation credibility and market share.

Our broad understanding of best practice frameworks and ability to quickly establish rapport with our clients and stakeholders enables us to readily gather and analyse all relevant and often sensitive information that is impacting performance. 

Our approach ensures we develop and recommend practical solutions that facilitate service excellence in service delivery, client and stockholder engagement, risk management, governance, workforce development and effective use of technology.

Our services increase productivity and improve staff and client satisfaction. 

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We Offer

ConNetica's Program Review and Evaluation Tools

ASSERT Diagnostic Methodology

Risk Management Tool

Change Management and Communication Tool

Staff Retention Strategies

Business Opportunity Tool

Measures of Social Inclusion Survey

Stages of Readiness and Change Employment Survey

Client and Service Provider Satisfaction Surveys

Service Excellence - Best Practice Guidelines

Contemporary Literature Reviews and Case Studies

Strategic planning

Governance frameworks

Advocacy strategies

Timely provision of services through the use of our existing tools and templates that are based on best practice evidence and real life experience and application. 

Change management expertise to ensure that our recommendations incorporate strategies that maximise stakeholder commitment and sustainable outcomes.