Service Mapping, Collaboration and Integration

The 2014 National Review of Mental Health Programmes and Services by the National Mental Health Commission drew attention to the need for local planning of care for people with a lived experience of mental illness in Australia. Local planning requires good quality local information. The World Health Organisation has highlighted that an understanding of the local environment is not just about the numbers and locations of services, but a solid understanding of what they are doing. This information supports context rich, evidence informed approaches to service planning and commissioning.

ConNetica has extensive experience in service mapping, integration, collaboration and approaches to stepped care.

We have now mapped mental health and alcohol and other drug services in Brisbane North, South Eastern Melbourne and across the entirety of Western Australia. In South Eastern Melbourne we have also mapped homelessness services. Our approach is evidence based and produces a comprehensive Integrated Atlas of Services for each area.

Together with our partners at Sydney University, under the direction of Professor Luis Salvador Carrulla, we have mapped mental health services for 40% of the nation's land mass and 28% of the population.

Our approach to these projects is to work from the inside out. Local people, local services and experience are pivotal to the quality of the outcome and we work hard to encourage local participation and ‘buy in’. The resulting Atlases are comprehensive decision support tools, providing an understanding of the current pattern of care in an area, showing the balance between the different types of services being provided. This sets the baseline, the point from which we can measure system change over time, a powerful tool for assessing the impact and significance of planning and commissioning decisions.

Along with the Atlases, ConNetica offers a range of other system innovation and reform tools, including comprehensive literature reviews of service integration, clinical staging and collaboration.

Our expertise has enabled organisations to improve service quality, reduce program costs, streamline services and increase client satisfaction.

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We Offer

Comprehensive Atlases of mental health, alcohol and other drugs, and homelessness

Mapping Decision Support Tools

Comprehensive national and international literature reviews - Service Integration, Collaboration and Clinical Staging

Guided cross sector/organisation focus groups, interviews and surveys

Diverse service networks and memberships

Access to ConNetica's scholarly partners

Consumer engagement strategies

Codesign strategies