ConNetica is a Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Social Enterprise

Our services include:

Service Reviews & Evaluations - mental health, suicide prevention, health & human services 

Service Mapping - mental health, alcohol and other drugs, homelessness, chronic disease

Service Integration - frameworks, service collaboration, community & stakeholder engagement

Training Programs & Apps - Suicide prevention, mental health & resilience

Research and Advocacy - service models, accountabilities, future planning, best practice frameworks

You are invited to participate in the Conversations 500 – Early Suicide Prevention Project. 

Our vision is to train 500 people to have 500 conversations in 500 days. This community led early suicide prevention initiative shifts the dial from costly suicide crisis intervention to early suicide prevention. Learners will leave the 4 hour Conversations for life® training more READY, WILLING AND ABLE to have early conversations with people who are not coping or becoming overwhelmed with the challenges they face.